Menstrual Cramp Relief Oil


Do you get bad cramps during the time of the month? Is it hard to get out of bed and have a regular day? Do you not like to take medicine and prefer natural remedies? If you answered yes to any of these questions, or just want to get rid of cramps in general, you need this oil! This oil will help relieve menstrual cramps and other pain in a short amount of time. 

How it works: Apply a few drops to your fingers and massage into your womb area. (Lower abdomen on top of where your uterus is). Can be used 2-3 times daily. 

Size: 2 oz

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Instant Relief - literally

I been having the WORST cramps of my life when I remembered that I purchased this oil, my cramps were so bad that I was not able to walk. I rubbed the oil onto the area where I had pain and it went away... I should have used it sooner!

United States United States

Ordered this oil because sometime I get really bad cramps and I also have bad back pains a few days ago I woke up with my whole back/shoulders hurting I massage some oil on and felt so much better. It has like a warm cool feel to it but I love it (I’m used to that feeling with tiger balm) Fast forward I wake up the other day to breast pain (which I’ve had before in HS I was told it’s fibrocystic breast) my boob was in so much pain I couldn’t wear a bra I felt pressure when I put in my coat so I was like hmm let me try some tbg..... THANK YOU! It very much relieved my pain I massage some on in the morning after a shower and again at night before bed. You really need this oil!!!

Heaven R.
United States United States
Loveeee this stuff!!!

I struggle with a lot of uterine problems that make things very painful for me on a regular day and 10x worse on my menstrual cycle. I rub a dropper full of this stuff on my lower abdomen and literally within 10 minutes I am no longer in pain AT ALL! I’ll definitely be purchasing more

Sandra P.
Boston, Massachusetts, United States
Cramps Gone

I always put this oil on my lower abdomen and message it. Then, I put a hot pad and it helps me sleep, when those painful period cramps don’t let me! I love it and there’s enough to last you a long time!

Kia G.
Warren, Ohio, United States
I should have ordered sooner

This helped me sleep through the night! I usually can’t sleep the pain is so bad but this right here....holy grail!!