Hydrate Facial Moisturizer


Hydrate featuring hyaluronic acid was formulated to help your skin feel hydrated all day long! This was made for your face, but it can also be used all over. 

Ingredient Breakdown: 

Water - used as a solvent, dissolves ingredients to help provide the skin benefits

Aloe Vera Juice - can strengthen, moisturize, and soothe skin

Glycerin - humectant (draws moisture to skin), that helps hydrate the skin

Sweet Almond Oil - Rich in Vitamin D, contains fatty acids and antioxidants, treats dry skin, can improve condition of acne

Sunflower Oil - helps to unclog pores, soothes and protects skin, can help even skin tone and texture

Shea Butter - excellent moisturizer that can soothe skin

Emulsifying Wax - emulsifier used to thicken cream

Vitamin E oil - antioxidant that protects cells from free radicals. It helps maintain skin health, promotes growth of new skin, soothes skin, keeps skin fresh 

Beeswax - anti-inflammatory, high in vitamin A, helps add protective barrier to skin, helps thicken product 

Stearic Acid - fatty acid used as emollient/emulsifier, protect skin from water loss

Sodium Hyaluronate - retains moisture, reduces wrinkles, absorbs quickly, can speed up skin healing 

Xanthan Gum - natural sugar-based thickener

Optiphen - preservative, helps protect product from mold/bacteria


How to Use: Apply to damp skin and rub in until absorbed. Can be used on face and body.


Size: 2 oz

Shelf Life: 6 months