Made By Grace

We offer:
  1. Wholesale - you can purchase TBG products already bottled and labeled (with our branding) to resell (online, subscription box, your store, etc.), or use (as an esthetician, in your salon, etc). We can also discuss custom scents, products, formulations, etc.
  2. Private Label - you can purchase TBG products in bulk to resell for your own brand. These products will come unlabeled and in bulk packaging (1/2 gallon, gallon, etc.). You will have to bottle and label these products yourself, with your own branding.
  3. Custom Formulation - We will work with you to formulate a product (or line) that has certain ingredients, benefits, etc.
  4. Downloadable Formulas (coming soon) - There will soon be customizable formulas on our website that you can download with instructions and make yourself.
How it Works:
  1. Fill out our Wholesale Inquiry Form to the best of your ability.
  2. If we want to proceed, we will contact you to pay an invoice of $25 for a consultation (if necessary) where we will further discuss the project.
  3. Upon agreement, final invoice and a contract will be sent. The project will begin upon receipt of payment. Payment of invoice and you signing the contract is an agreement that you understand the terms and conditions of working with MBG. 
  4. Products will be sent within the processing time frame.
  5. We will be in contact with you throughout this entire process.
Important Information:
  1. All products are made to order.
  2. If you want a specific fragrance or ingredient that I don't have you will have to pay for it.
  3. All MBG orders have a $200 minimum. 
  4. Wholesale and Private Label have a 14-21 business day processing time. This time can be extended if necessary. Custom Formulation takes about a month at least due to formulating, testing, etc.
  5. Your shipping fee will be calculated once we receive a quote from the postal provider. We will send an additional invoice if our general wholesale shipping fee doesn't cover your postage.
  6. Your order will be shipped your finally shipping price has been confirmed and paid for. We have a preliminary shipping fee of $20. We cannot provide a price for shipping until we know the size of the package, how much it will weigh, etc. We plan on using UPS for MBG orders.
  7. Discount codes can not be applied to MBG orders.
  8. Our content (pictures, videos, etc.) cannot be reused to promote your own products. You must get creative and make your own content to promote your products. If we catch anyone stealing our pictures, we will be contacting our legal team.
  9. You must use your own names, branding, information, etc. to sell your products. Do not copy our website. The only thing you may use from TBG is the ingredient list. It is your responsibility to educate yourself on the products and ingredients in them.
  10. You must have "Manufactured by MBG Formulations Ravenna, OH 44266" on your labels. This is vital. All cosmetic labels have to have who manufactures the product and where it's made on there. You cannot legally claim that you made the product yourself. 
  11. We do not offer samples. If you'd like to try a product, you must purchase on your own.
  12. If you have any questions, please send us an email to